Well of course y’all are wondering what makes this house our home. I am here to tell you why 😀

Roni Stoneman

Roni Stoneman

It was built in 1973 and the first owner was Roni Stoneman. She played Ida Lee on Hee Haw, but most importantly, a noted bluegrass banjo player. Living in Nashville, that just makes this little house a little more special. There is even evidence of her recording studio in the basement still. One of the previous owners removed it.

After Roni moved, the house was owned by a few other people. The last owner didn’t really know what he was doing as far as renovations were concerned and we have been trying to make a mends. Also, the house sat empty for nearly 3 years. We had dirt dobber nests, spiders, vandals – all in the house when we bought it. If that wasn’t enough, we had water damage in the basement and mold as a result from the Great Nashville Flood of 2010. Fortunately, we were able to stay with family as we worked on doing the floors. We knew this was the biggest job. We hauled 1.01 tons of trash to the landfill. It was worth the back breaking work to install those gorgeous wood floors 😀 Now that I have jabbered long enough, here are some images of the house BEFORE we started doing any changes.

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