One nights work in the kitchen

Our floors were not in the best of shape when we bought this place. We had some really nasty stained carpets in all the bedrooms and the living room. The carpets near the back doors in the living room were the worst with evidence of mold. The flooring in the kitchen was a hodge podge of peeling vinyl and laminate. The dining room had parquet floors that were in decent shape but would need to be refinished. We needed a floor makeover!

We already knew we wanted hard wood through out the house. We searched for a while until we found a great deal on the internet for unfinished 3/4″ hardwood oak floors for .99¢ a square foot. It was important they were cheap because we had to get 2,200 square feet of it!

The floors were 4-6″ in length. We spent two weeks nailing these bad boys down. We developed a process that made it easy – I laid the boards and the hubby nailed them into place with this bad boy:



It is truly amazing how the right tool makes the job easier! We went through countless boxes of nails – each piece received 2 nails! We thought about whether or not we wanted to stain the wood, but after staring at the floors for 2 weeks we decided against it. There was so much variation in the floors, some looked like they had tiger stripes while others were a more red hue. So we called up a friend of an uncle and had him come and seal the floors for us. High gloss – because who wants to move all the furniture again in 10 years to have it polished? I also loved the look of high gloss floors.

OK – enough chatter! Here are the floors during and after installation! A caveat – when it says completed, really there is the area where the nailer wouldn’t fit against the wall that we had to go back with a different nailer and nail them down. This whole process took us about 3 months – but for 3 weeks we were out of the country 🙂

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There are a few lessons learned with installing these floors ourselves.

  1. Wear knee pads! This will honestly save you a lot of pain
  2. Make sure that first row of floors is square! If not, you end up with a crooked room
  3. Having two people makes the job go faster, having that little garden cart made it a little easier on my back!
  4. DON’T GET 4-6″ BOARDS! The longer the board, the less work involved 🙂

Keep Reclaiming!