Author of Reclaiming the Joneses

Hey y’all! I am sure you want to know a little more about Reclaiming the Joneses! My name is Tiffany and I wasn’t born a Jones! I married into it back in 2010. When I married this Jones, I began my new journey in remodeling and renovating older homes. And that, my friends, is where Reclaiming the Joneses began.

So Who are You?

I am a stay at home mom who used to be a web developer and office manager. I have always had an eye for design, but I am no expert! I have had a few “oops!” and “well, that didn’t work at all!” moments, but it is in the failing that we learn even more! I will share my experience of the successful ideas here.

What have you Reclaimed?

In the beginning, we started out with smaller projects, like retiling the main part of our 1963 Ranch house in Central Texas. Then we moved to South Texas and bought another fixer upper that didn’t have a  working master bath.

Apparently I like to be in a constant flux of project mess and mayhem. We moved to Nashville in July 2012 and found an outstanding home that needed MASSIVE repairs. We have replaced flooring, fixed sagging sliding doors, addressed drainage issues, painted, torn apart, repainted, and much more to this house in this short time. We put a rush on things after the announcement and arrival of our baby girl in 2013.

What is Your Style?

I have a very deep country style, I have tried to shake it but it just WON’T go! I have Texas stars hanging in almost every room of my house, I love barbed wire, and adore pallet/barn wood! All that said, most people confirm that I have a Rustic Country vibe in my house with a bit faith woven in.

What Motivates You?

I absolutely LOVE it when a plan comes together, as the pieces to a puzzle being put together. The bigger picture comes into view and I step back and go “WOW!” I love me some Pinspiration too! I tend to take pins and tweak them into the project I need them to be or turn them into sturdier “husband and child proof” items.

Why Follow Reclaiming the Joneses?

My husband is an engineer. If I had to pick the most exciting thing about him it would have to be his interesting solutions to some problems around our house. Together, we want to show you some cool and practical ways to reclaim your space. We hope to see you in the comments!

See the beginning of our home here.

Keep Reclaiming!