Our address marker used to be on our front door. Our front door used to be windowless. I decided to change out that door, and with it, the address marker. We went for a while without any way of identifying our house other than the mailbox, which really didn’t have numbers either! I then finally decided to make my own.

DIY Address Marker


Permanent Marker
Shatter resistant plates
Plate hanger
Duct tape

I ran to my local craft store and found a plate hanger half off. Then I ran to my local big box retailer and found 3 of these red plates on clearance (SCORE)!

I proceeded to print out the numbers I needed, placed the number behind the plate, then held the plate up to light. It is amazing how these things are just like vellum, you can see right through to the number below!

I simply traced with my big fat marker. If you mess up, use rubbing alcohol to remove the marker and start over. Once you have your first number and you are happy with it, let it dry while working on the rest of your numbers.

You could stick the plates in a oven at 350º for 30 minutes, but mine seem to be holding up to the weather just fine.

Hang your plate hanger where you think best, place your cooled plates onto the hanger. Now, take it from me, you don’t want to be picking up a thousand little shards of plate out of your flower bed – duct tape the back of the plate to your plate hanger.

Completed Address Marker

Completed Address Marker

And in about 30 minutes you have an easy DIY address marker!

Keep Reclaiming!